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"Educate a Child, Change a Nation...
Lifting One Child At A Time"

Our Response to the GPC
(Generational Poverty Cycle) 

"Educate a Child, Change their Trajectory"

BOOST helps to ensure that students graduate from high school with the knowledge and skills they need to complete their postsecondary education and to successfully enter the work force and be more productive citizens.

Students are selected in the 8th grade by highly engaged committees that are comprised of education and civic leaders and must meet our low-income and at-risk guidelines. BOOST partners with community education foundations, community colleges and school districts to deliver our program services to students. 

Why Mississippi?
Our goal is to reach underserved communities across the United States. Today, our grassroots efforts are focused in Covington County, Mississippi.  Covington County faces unique challenges. The youth crime rate greatly exceeds the National Average. The high school graduation rate is significantly below the state average of 63% and gang participation is on the rise. Young people in this community are dropping out of high school and continuing the GPC. 
 We are running out of time - WIll you Help? 
Youth Crime and School Drop Out Rates are on the RISE

Underserved communities in the United States have fallen into what BOOST has identified as a Generational Poverty Cycle (GPC) that fosters youth crime, abnormally high dropout rates, and gang participation.  BOOST is founded on the principle that when given a “boost” of external support, motivation, mentorship, and accountability students who are taught to possess a positive attitude and strong work ethic will ultimately graduate from high school and attain a college degree.


Congratulations to the
2017 Boostees 

BOOST selected the first Boostees for 2017 representing the three middle schools in Covington County—Mt. Olive, Carver and Seminary.  The Boosters go through a rigorous selection process and once selected, each received a computer, and will receive leadership development, mentors, a college success coach, and a scholarship.  We will select additional students in Spring 2018. 

The Application period is now open.  Interested students can




Da Travion


Sponsoring a child today changes lives in underserved communities. Join us in our fight to end the Generational Poverty Cycle (GPC) in the United States.
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