Broadened Opportunity for Outstanding S tudent Selection & T racking

"Educate a Child, Change a Nation...
Lifting One Child At A Time"

​​Broadened Opportunity For Outstanding Student
Selection & Tracking

BOOST was established for Mississippi students in 2016 as a 501(c) 3 nonprofit for low-income and at risk students to help them end the Generational Poverty Cycle (GPC) through education and mentoring.

BOOST offers students college scholarships, caring and dedicated mentors from their own community, leadership development and hope for a better future.  Our comprehensive program starts in middle school and works with the student through high school and provides support in attaining a post-secondary education.​​

The Crisis 
Low-income children face insurmountable obstacles that make finishing high school difficult and going to college almost impossible. Right now, almost 60% of Mississipi children are living as poor or low income* and the numbers are increasing every year. Often times children are overlooked and underserved. Most of these students face a bleak future as they do not have the resources offered to their peers from higher socioeconomic levels to complete their education.

​We know, economically, higher education will be critical for individual economic success. College graduates in comparison to those with only a high school diploma:

  1.  Earn an average of 10,000 to 16,000 more per year,
  2.  Are more likely to be employed and,
  3.  Less likely to be living in poverty

The Demand For BOOST Intervention
​Today, the demand remains strong for the type of intervention that BOOST provides.  If anything, demographic changes during the past 20 years have increased the sense of urgency: Growing wealth disparity means that many would-be students are being priced out of the post-secondary market as the cost of attending college rises faster than family incomes. For millions of Americans, incomes are stagnant or in decline. Research shows that this, among other factors, lessen the chances that academically qualified students will attend college and earn a meaningful credential. Never has there been a worse time to be educationally underqualified.

*National Center for Children in Poverty (2014 Census Data)

​​We are committed to the single goal: To make the world a better place,
one child at a time